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I love writing children’s stories. I give children the excitement and energy that they crave. To me, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a child’s excitement in discovering a new book.



I decided to write my first story as a tribute to my beloved West Highland White Terrier.  I had the idea rattling around in my head for a while and finally decided to do it.  That’s when I caught the writing bug and promptly wrote George’s and Uncle Mike’s Day Off. More will be coming soon!  

Whether you’re a parent, aunt, uncle or just love children’s books, I welcome you to my children stories and hope they take you on an adventure for a moment in time.



When it comes to our pets, who really owns whom? 

American author, Michael Jabbra, explores this relationship in his first children’s book “The Adventures of Master and Monster.
— Kayleigh Smith
Lovingly referring to his childhood pet terrier as “Monster,” the book pays tribute to their time shared on walks, throwing balls around, and their life-long bond. 
— Kayleigh Smith
George and Uncle Mike’s Day Off,” he instead looked to the future and wrote about adventures he imagines sharing with his young nephew. When asked about how he came up with both concepts, he professed, “I write what’s in my head and from my heart.
— Kayleigh Smith